Heavy Haul is what we do best!

Heavy haul has been in existence since the industrial revolution.  Heavy equipment transport can vary greatly in size and weight.  Many refer to heavy haul as the process of transporting over dimensional and over weight freight.  Much of the heavy equipment is transported on specialized trailers or removable goose neck trailers.  This allows for very heavy loads to be moved any place across country.  In edition to specialized trailers many heavy haul loads require permits and pilot cars/escorts.

With Heavy Hauling we provide you with experience and the service that is needed to get your oversize load to and from its destination.  There is no heavy haul load to wide or to heavy for us to move.  We know the industry for oversize loads and strive to provide you with superior service.  With access to thousands of trucks and experienced drivers we can accommodate all heavy hauling equipment types.  Let us give you peace of mind when it comes to shipping your heavy haul.

At Heavy Hauling Trucking we are in frequent communication with the drivers.  This allows us to keep updates and monitor the load.  Heavy haul does not have to be a difficult process.  We handle everything for you from pickup to delivery.  Advance notice is required for all heavy haul and extra time is needed to attain the necessary permits and route surveys.

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With Heavy Hauling Trucking we provide you with:

•Experienced drivers with heavy equipment hauling.

•We include in our quote insurance, special routing permits, oversized permits and escorts if needed.

•Constant communication with drivers for updates and load monitoring.

•Customer service support that is ready to assist you anytime.

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